I was happy to buy a floor model but no, they don't sell floor models. Even their shipping bags are designed to be easily carried- no detail is overlooked. We've made several purchases and the employees seem happy to go above and beyond to make sure you're getting what you came for. THE FURNITURE SALE (PRICES AS MARKED) Salon 4-Piece L-Shaped Brown Leather Sectional Sofa. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like that level of helpfulness is becoming more and more rare, so it's a real delight to be greeted by people who are energetic, enthusiastic and really seem invested in helping the customer. After being told last week that the bed would be in stock on 7th August, I just got off the phone with them and now it's looking to be in stock "vaguely late August to early September". I do not enjoy furniture shopping much, but really enjoy going to this store. Chairish uses cookies to enhance your experience, allowing features like. Spent around 4-5 hours and finished at 2am, and of course got late on my job on the next day cause I was so tired. I had a reward certificate that I wanted to use and the cashier (incorrectly) informed us that they expire within 90 days, so we weren't able to use it. Because of my review, I received an email stating- "We appreciate your feedback and apologize for that these break easy. It's time for a change. I also get to sample nice furniture that I'll never buy, so that's a plus. May all benefit! While a desk and comfortable desk chair are total must-haves, you're the boss of this space; deck it out just how you like with a unique arrangement of filing cabinets and bookcases to keep your papers organized. My wife and I have stopped by this store in Georgetown for years and it's always been a good experience. Prices affordable and nice modern designs. Seriously, don't waste your time ordering from here if you need your piece(s) anytime within a 2 month window from ordering. cart reminders) from Chairish at the cell number used when signing up. The delivery day comes around and we get a call from our building that the delivery drivers are downstairs. The glasses were of such poor quality. Well, December came, and nothing. I ask. I've had the marble top in my living room and have had to push events I've planned to host. We had a few issues with our order of a dining table but they more than made up for the problems with their service and friendliness. A one-stop shop for everything from furniture to bedding, Crate & Barrel is the purveyor of all things minimalist, yet homey. If you are looking for anything from a vase to a bed to outdoor lounge furniture they have it covered. No, Chastity. If you're buying furniture for a new home, and need to buy several pieces, and love CB2/Crate and Barrel, I would highly suggest their credit card. Really nice stuff but you NEVER receive it. The sales reps are awesome!!! Great location, great product and top notch customer service! I easily could've dropped a few hundred dollars. We'll go through a few of their most popular searches below. The furniture can be a bit pricey depending on your financial range but its beautiful, one of a kind and sturdy. cleans easily and adds storage space cool. I adore CB2! CAN YOU JUST CHECK TO SEE IF YOU HAVE IT IN THE BACK SINCE YOU HAVE JUST ASSUMED THAT YOU DONT HAVE IT ALL THIS TIME, I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE IT HOME TODAY!!!!! Just throw the whole store away! We waited for over 30mins in store, literally walking around trying to find someone to help us purchase an item. Finally asked a checkout person who rudely told me, "I'm helping someone else." It seems that their products are higher quality than a comparable store like West Elm's. "TOMMY" also mentioned that because I was re-scheduling , my delivery would now be delayed for several weeks at first , which made me prompt like, because I am re-scheduling, I need to wait another 2 weeks. And they validate an hour of parking in the ramp behind the store. I feel the need to defend them. Convenient location Low inventory of items on sale Indifferent staff. $4,896.00. The delivery is good, and returns are always easy. The store had some pretty unique items, such as heavy metal tape dispensers, some interesting-looking plates, and a metal peacock-shaped rest (which is what I ultimately wound up buying for about $25 after-tax). The store didn't do gift-wrapping, but when I mentioned this was a gift, the employee did make an effort to package it up in a box for me. it looks amazing i get many compliments. Thanks to their low-key stylings, youll also be able to pile on plenty of Crate & Barrel pillows. Minimal interaction with staff - they left us alone and didn't say anything to us while we shopped - but we did not ask them for help either. Thanks to Tracy we will definitely be back for any future household purchases. I also found an online only fire pit I wanted to buy, and they let me order it to the store to avoid those shipping costs! CB2 Furniture Filter 487 Items Strom 4-Piece Reversible Sectional Sofa with Ottoman Clearance $3,448.97 reg. CAD 3,499.00. The issue was the packaging. Discover furniture in all of Crate & Barrel's distinctive styles, including modern, contemporary, industrial, and postmodern. Unfortunately, I did not choose to purchase with this company due to the height of the furniture. I'd say it's a definite step up from IKEA in quality and the design seems to be a little more thoughtful and planned out. (We had told her we were having a hard time finding gold bathroom accessories.) Yeah, it's Uptown and parking sucks, but it's such a fun store. From classic Crate & Barrel items like modern sofas and leather lounge chairs, to discontinued dinnerware and decor, our inventory spans the spectrum, so you never know what you'll find. The great thing about CB2 is that it's a Crate and Barrel sister company and Crate and Barrel has stellar customer service. They take the money while not having any idea when the item will be in stock. They showed up an hour late on a Friday out of delivery time window and to MY OLD address. However, my experience with the customer service at this store was disappointing. Waited patiently & no One even asked my for help or suggestions. loaded 'em up and were on our way. Look for Sidney, great customer service. San Francisco, CA 94104, Log-in access to secure areas of our site, Remembering your preferences (e.g., your choice of language or region). I got the table home, assembled it easily on my own, and it looks fantastic. They have many floor associates around to help you that you can ask. ( I am partial to kooky animal furniture). You can keep the table as a final sale with a discount of an additional 15% off. Every step of the way I had to come up with what the store could possibly do to fix it for me but people I talked to were just so unwilling to help. In this day in age I didn't realize there were stores that were so stringent on accepting a return a few days past the return period when its an item they still sell currently in their stock. They even let me borrow a dining chair for a few minutes (I work and live nearby and they had done their due diligence so they knew I'd bring it right back) to see how it would look in my home because I was having a terrible time deciding on which fabric to choose. You can buy from brands like West Elm or Herman Miller at a fraction of the (new) full price. The configuration of the store itself is not the best (long and narrow) but the sales people are friendly and have knowledge on most of the items. I have purchased many pieces of furniture from CB2 over the last year and it is my favorite store out there. You can also have items brought out to you for pickup, but we wanted to go in and check it out. - limited selection - everything's white, orange (lots of it), and one other color - the metal stuff are, quite frankly, kinda clanky. The cons: Durability issues were mentioned by some shoppers for both the dining tables and chairs. I always had to shop online and prayed for the day a store in Miami opened. Not "Once" was I asked was I looking for anything in particular or did I Need Assistance at all!! Price points are good for everyone. View Terms & He sets up delivery for Friday 9/11 and says they will call to confirm on Wednesday 9/9. It looked great and I ordered 9 of them! The tone of his voice was the most upsetting , he started throwing policies at me , about re-scheduling last min, which I completely understand , and would have accepted it also , had his tone not been to authoritative/loathing. When I got to the store, I wanted to see what it looked like before I walked out with it. Try Crate & Barrel shelves. A guy named Scott presents himself as the manager and offers to help me out after what I've told him. We love the couch but because of the delivery team we would have to second guess a future purchase. If I wanted that answer I wouldn't have asked someones opinion. Behind every incredible price you see at Bob's is a story. A unique blend of modern as well as contemporary you can really tell that stylewise this place is gearing toward a younger generation of home decorators but unfortunately they really fell short of making it attainable style. Many of the items I wanted to purchase were not in stock. I'm actually in the market to spend a fair amount refreshing some living room furniture so I'm shopping around. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. My problem is that the time was not communicated to me. They have a plethora of items that are minimalistic but give you major luxe vibes. Final Sale. Or even the regular Crate & Barrel which is tons better than this one - and CB2 may be a twist of it, but they twisted it too much like a towel rag. To sum it up, the merchandise is lovely, but the service leaves much to be desired. I'd give them zero stars if I could.. Love CB2. I'm really happy with my CB2 experience! Unfriendly employee "Dee" as I went in for a return. I specifically came out here to complete my yelllow bowl set and look at other items I saw online. I love the prints and patterns here: geometric shapes, animals prints and shades often in earth tones. Your taste will have to be something like West Elm and hipster to like most of the items in here they remind me of revival 60s-70s furniture from like a Frank Lloyd Wright house but it's nice. Shout out to Nikesha and Nicole at the Domain store who were super helpful when I returned a lamp. I purchased a bunch of glasses in varying sizes. BOB'S DOES THE WORK, SO YOU GET THE DISCOUNT. CB2's beds start at $100 for a basic metal bed frame and go up to $2,000+ for sleek, leather beds. Great style. If you continue to use these I waited every night for delivery as promised with my items which I actually wanted immediately. He raises his voice at me saying I'm supposed to do that and that if I don't like what he has to say he can take the stuff away and not deliver it to me at all. Shop Our Editor's Picks! Lots of great stuff (that you won't find anywhere else) and very helpful staff. No good! Customers are happy with the clean and modern design of their beds, although some issues with beds being squeaky or having durability concerns were mentioned. Then she rings up everything without discount to which I point out and she mentions it to another colleague and he confirms it should be applied. We ordered a table on April 22 with the promise that we will get delivery for May 24. This store is on the smaller side, though admittedly I do not have much to compare it with since this is the only CB2 location in vicinity. In the end, however, I stand by my previous statement. I'm looking forward to my shipment, which hopefully will come in early May, as he forecasted. I had to ask someone to please check me out, and I happen to get a new employee (I think by her lack of knowledge of what she was doing). I love cb2! Besides, I'm not an idiot and am well aware that CB2, along with other stores, markets mass produced items and just labels them with their logo to up the price. So we decided to get the dressers and bed stands and change the handles out. Basically, the theme of most of the items were basics, but made a bit fancier than necessary. So you call and they advise "Oh that will be due this weekend so you will receive next week" So you wait and wait and again no delivery. Overall a good place to get ideas for modern design and rooms but I won't be making any purchase in the foreseeable future. That means every piece of used Cb2 furniture you see on Chairish has been vetted to ensure that its in new-to-good vintage condition, with no major defects. I literally had four-five cups while we explored their inventory. *I sent my contact information to CB2, as requested, on the day they responded and haven't been contacted yet. If you crave even more print, look for Crate & Barrel vases and Crate & Barrel planters, which often have designs stamped directly into the ceramic. Not sure why these guys have such bad reviews! I go down the driver hands me two pieces of metal and tells me to sign the paper saying it was delivered and he leaves. With chic designs and a bit more moderate prices, CB2 is distinguishing itself as a younger and more updated sibling of Crate & Barrel.Customers appreciate the fresh styling that CB2 has to offer and can find design inspiration in their catalog. I finally had one wonderful employee approach me and ask if I needed any help, and provided assistance with a price check. Pottery barn, RH Ive ordered plenty from these places and patronize them because of their great customer service. Final update 9/2/15 The store called me. Give all your stuff a place of its own with trendy storage furniture. They sell great, design forward furniture and household items at more affordable prices. The only bummer about this store is that I find that often I see a cool item/furniture in their store, and it's out of stock for several months. It felt like I was invisible in this store. $437. Even their showroom feels homey- and they even had drinking chocolate with all the trimmings prepared for our (and all customers arrival.) I don't have the luxury of buying things every 3 months. The staff is nice and helpful. We didn't receive any acknowledgements or offers to help. The handles on the dressers are 3", but the centers are 2.75". And I hope no customer comes across " TOMMY" again. What I love about this store is that it focuses on minimalistic furniture with big pops of colors. I repurchased the same items online with the reward certificate code and it worked fineI plan on returning the originally purchased items to the store. I love CB2, the decor, the layout and especially the customer service we received. I stopped by Cb2 today to pick up a pouf for my apt. We were not in a hurry. Looked around and finally decided just to purchase my 1 bowl. If you continue to use these Meanwhile, the item went on sale. Tried to post a review on the CB2 site noting my issues. leland management estoppel request, is thomas barrow lord grantham's son,
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